The King County Bar Association (KCBA) provides support to its diverse membership; promotes a just, collegial and accessible legal system and profession; works with the judiciary to achieve excellence in the administration of justice; strives to benefit the community through its own efforts and those of its Foundation; and offers opportunities for public service and input into matters of public policy.


  • Website Design
  • CMS Implementation
  • Multiple Integrations

project goals

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Andrew J. Prazuch

After years of a homegrown website that was embarrassingly out of date, we searched for a company that would bring tremendous technical expertise and professionalism to our nonprofit organization’s complex website at a competitive price. In particular, with no dedicated in-house communications or website staff, we needed a company that could patiently help us assess our needs and abilities, and design and implement in mere months the new look we had been craving for years. We found that partner in Element 11. Their ability to translate ‘tech’ to ‘layman,’ and translate ‘layman’ to ‘tech,’ was phenomenal. Due to their great work, I looked like a miracle worker to my board. Thank you Element 11!”

Andrew J. Prazuch
Executive DirectorKing County Bar Association (KCBA)
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